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As sisters and best friends, we've experienced and witnessed many triumphs and created some wonderful memories.  We had the good fortune to grow up on an apple farm in the Quinte region, our parents and grandparents readily available with hugs and advice - three girls raised with love, honesty and respect.

Life is measured in love, moments of grace, and positive contributions wherever and whenever possible.  Even with setbacks and challenges that we all face in life, the wonder of marriage remains constant.

Love and family is what keeps our T.E.A.M. together.  Together Eternally – Always Magical!  Getting married is a great place to start!

Kywin Grills & Lisa Grills
Sister Act Weddings

Spiritual Energy fueled by passion.

An artist and visionary, Kywin lives in Sulphide, on the outskirts of Tweed.  Both Kywin and her husband are creative and loving souls.  Their home, situated on 100 acres of woods and ponds, is filled with a spiritual energy fueled by a passionate belief in strong connections to those who came before us.  The ‘Little White Chapel’ in their backyard was built by the two of them and remains a place of peace and comfort.  Kywin’s singing also plays an important part in her life as she continues to reach for new and exciting challenges.  Kywin gets joy from many things, but her greatest joy comes from helping people.   She has spent her life connected to family, friends and community, helping in every way she can.  As a chaplain, Kywin loves to be an integral part of new journeys of love and family.

Kywin Grills

Turning Vision into Reality.

Beside every visionary, there needs to be some who can turn vision into reality and Lisa has been helping business people do that throughout the Quinte region for years. As a manager with two of the largest media companies in the region, she has helped many people reach their goals in business, while at the same time assisting a wide variety of causes ranging from helping children to raising funds for local hospital equipment. Now she wants to extend her love of family, her love of community and her love of helping others through her work as a chaplain. She wants to help those looking for that perfect way to kick off their new lives together or celebrate the many years they have already had together find the celebration they have always dreamed of.

Lisa Grills
Reach out and tell us what you are dreaming of.   Let’s make that dream come true!

The heart of our message is LOVE.   We are open to ALL who wish to marry.
Questions are welcomed and spiritual journeys are honoured. 
We are an inclusive and progressive expression of marriage. 

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