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The Little White Chapel

The Little White Chapel, nestled in the woods just outside of Tweed, Ontario is the perfect setting for your most intimate moment -- when you say your wedding vows. Our wedding chapel measures just 8 feet x 10 feet and is one of the smallest chapels in North America. 
The stained glass windows, loft and wooden interior add to the charm of the tiny church. Up to 60 guests can be comfortably seated for the ceremony outside. Bride and groom can choose to stand outside or within the chapel walls. The happy couple can ring the authentic church bell to celebrate their vows.

There are a myriad of photo opportunities with the rustic rose garden, pond and natural garden settings.

The bride’s room offers that all-important private preparation time prior to the ceremony.

The Little White Chapel offers a romantic and affordable option for your most precious day.

Little White Chapel Weddings
Judy's Wedding 1
Judy's Wedding 3
photo by old truck
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